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Are you a Real Estate Investor, Landlord, or Property ManagerAre you tired of getting organized for taxes?  Are you tired of Late Rent Payments?

Try Our Investor Toolkit.  FREE VERSION.

We know it takes countless hours to manage property finances, especially when tax season comes around.
Simplify'em.  It's the world's easiest Property Management Software for Real Estate Investors, Landlords, and Property Managers.  The introductory version is Completely FREE!


You can organize rental income and expenses for your properties and be ready for taxes in one click.  Calculate Depreciation and Learn Tax Saving Tips.

Investor Property Management Software Programs

Property Management Software and Tax Filing Web Tools - Property Management Software and Tax Filing Web Tools 

Simple Easy Property Management Software - Simple Easy Property Management Software 

Maximize your Real Estate Depreciation Deduction - Maximize your Real Estate Depreciation Deduction 

Defer your taxes through a 1031 Tax Exchange - Defer your taxes through a 1031 Tax Exchange 

Popular Real Estate Tax Saving Tips - Popular Tax Saving Tips

Investor Property Management Software Programs 

It's very easy to use and we're sure it will save you time and money.


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Rent Collection Made Easy:
SimplifyEm.com Premium Property Management Software to make rent collection from tenants easy and simple.

       Tenants pay a variety of different bills on a monthly basis in addition to their rent.  Vendors and creditors typically send monthly statements to clients in order to remind them and encourage timely payments.

       However, tenants do not usually receive reminders for one of their largest bills, their rental payments, so your payment may go overlooked.  As a landlord, not getting paid on time can be serious, especially in tight economic times.

       Are you one of the 9 million real estate investors in the United States who owns fewer than 10 properties?  If so, the
Simplify.Em.com Premium rental property software application can make your life easier.

       This integrated program will Manage your rental property Finances, including help with Tenant Management, Automatic Rent Reminders, Sending Invoices, Track Billing History, and Automatically Charge Late Fees.

offers the following Benefits to Investors, Landlords, and Property Managers:

       1. Instant Money Savings:  It gives you a comprehensive list of commonly overlooked tax write-offs.

       2. One-Click Schedule E for tax returns.

       3. Easy Setup in less than one minute.

       4. It takes less than 5 minutes a month to maintain income and expenses for each of your properties.

       5. You can automatically record recurring transactions and Eliminate Repetitive Data Entry.

       6. View Tenant Payment History and have more success Collecting Rent on-time using automatic rent reminders.

       7. Increase Lease Renewals by monitoring expiration information.

        8. Organize Transactions by attaching notes and storing unlimited supporting documents.

       9. Free Email and Phone Support.

Sign up for
SimplifyEm Basic or Premium
today and give it a try.

Simplicity in Rent Tracking!
It's hard to keep track of partial and overdue payments for your tenants.  We listened to you, and now you can reduce rent tracking hassles with Automated Rent Tracking.
Rent Tracking made Easy!
It's extremely easy, it saves you time, and it ensures that rent is correctly allocated to the right month and category.

Simplify'em will also track outstanding rents due enabling you to stay on top of rent payments.

Sign up and give it a test.

Article About TRex Global Investor Software

T-ReX Global Integrates New Premium Services Ease Task of Rent Collection

          RISMEDIA, Dec. 11, 2008 - TReXGlobal.com, maker of free property management software and tax filing Web tools, announced that the latest release of SimplifyEm.com Property Management Software features a set of integrated premium services that makes collecting rent and managing property finances drop dead simple.

          Tenants pay a variety of different bills on a monthly basis, and that’s why vendors typically send statements to clients - in order to remind them and encourage timely payments. However, tenants do not receive reminders for their largest bills (rental payments), and these bills often go overlooked. As a result, many real estate owners end up suffering from late payments, aging balances, and bad debt.

           “With current economic conditions, not getting paid on time is becoming a serious fear for real estate investors,” says Pankaj Shukla, CEO of T-ReX Global, Inc. “Not receiving a rent check can make or break some of our clients… so it feels good to offer services that can help our customers sleep easier at night…”

          There are 10 million real estate investors in the
US, and 9 million of them own fewer than 10 properties. Only a small fraction of them use software applications like SimplifyEm.com to manage their rental property finances. To make their lives even easier, these real estate investors can sign up for SimplifyEm Premium, which enables them to use services like tenant lease management and automatic rent reminders to improve their cash flow. In just seconds, premium users can enter leases, send invoices to tenants, track billing history, and automatically charge late fees.

          According to the company, this is in addition to all the other benefits that SimplifyEm.com offers to its users:
            - Instant Money Savings with a comprehensive list of commonly overlooked write-offs
            - Easy setup gets you up and running in less than a minute
            - Less than five minutes a month to maintain property income and expenses
            - Tax Time is a breeze with one click Schedule E
            - Automatically record recurring transactions and eliminate repetitive data entry
            - View Tenant Payment History and Collect Rent on time with automatic rent reminders
            - Increase lease renewals by monitoring lease information and renewing leases before expiration
            - Organize transactions - attach notes and store unlimited supporting documents
            - Free e-mail and phone support


Did You Know?

1.      You'll save money right away! Simplify'em will help you account for all your expenses, identify commonly overlooked deductions, and take advantage of all the tax benefits available to you

2.      SimplifyEm is completey FREE for anyone up to 4 units. You can also try Premium services like rent reminders and late rent notices. FREE help is an email away and available at

3.      There are 5 Easy ways to Maximize Tax Deductions in 2009 for rental property owners, Click Here to find out what they are.

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