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Mark Cohen, Broker

College Towns Offer Great Real Estate Investments

Although properties near colleges and universities tend to be more expensive than those in other parts of town, they hold their value better and usually show better than average appreciation.  When you have a son or daughter attending school, it can make sense to purchase a home or condominium (townhouse or flat) rather than renting an apartment.  Extra rooms can be rented to other students thereby offsetting some of the mortgage payment.

If you are an investor, the stability of a student rental market can keep your property fully occupied all year long.  Student enrollment in colleges and universities are expected to rise over 15% during the next 10 years (US Dept. of Education).  Graduate students are expected to increase by 25%.  The high demand for rental housing in college towns will continue to rise with the greater enrollments.  Many students begin their college education during the summer and continue straight through all year long reducing vacancies in June, July, and August.

This trend has been very evident in Gainesville, Florida.  The University of Florida has about 50,000 students and Santa Fe Community College has about 12,000 students. 

Published Friday, March 30, 2007 8:31 AM by Mark Cohen, Broker
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