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Eyemark Realty, Inc.
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        In order to provide our clients with optimum online marketing exposure, Eyemark Realty's listings are advertised on numerous real estate websites and search engines.  Your property will be presented on the appropriate sites according to its type and location.

EyemarkRealty.com   is the real estate company website of Eyemark Realty, Inc.
www.GainesvilleFloridaHomes.com     is the real estate website of Mark Cohen, Broker, Eyemark Realty.

www.gacar.com    is the local and regional MLS for North Central Florida.

www.GoogleBase.com   is the place where your real estate listings show up on GOOGLE.

http://RealEstate.Yahoo.com    has one of the largest internet real estate audiences.

www.PropSmart.com   aggregates over a million property listings into an easily searchable GoogleMap based visual interface and combines an online community of buyers, sellers, and service providers.

www.Point2Homes.com   is a listing service that shows all listings from brokers and agents in the Point2Agent system.

www.Point2NLS.com   is a national listing service that shows listings from brokers and agents in North America who sign up for its service.

www.Realtor.com   is a national MLS run by the National Association of Realtors that shows all listings in member Multiple Listing Services in the United States.

www.Homestore.com   is a mirror site that shows all of the Realtor.com listings.

www.Move.com   is also a mirror site of Realtor.com.

www.House.com   is a popular real estate destination with top ranking in major search engines.

www.RealEstate.com   is a national listing service run by LendingTree.com that shows all of the listings in the Point2Agent system.

www.Zillow.com    is a real estate information service that provides listings and home value estimates based on similar sales.

www.RealTown.com   is home of the most valuable community-generated content in the real estate industry.

www.CraigsList.com   is a multi-category classified advertising venue that lists by geographic area.

www.Homes.com   is a national listing service for members.

www.RealEstateAdvisor.com   is a search engine that aggregates real estate listings and drives traffic back to agent and broker websites.

www.TheHousingPages.com   is desgned as a resource center for consumers looking to buy or sell a home.
www.Oodle.com   is the search engine for local classifieds that brings together listings from hundreds of local and national sources to help consumers find local content.

www.Trulia.com   is a residential real estate search engine that helps people search for homes for sale, trends, neighborhood insights, and other real estate information gathered from broker websites.

www.LiveDeal.com   is a local online classifieds market that is ideal for advertising items with pictures.

www.Edgeio.com      dynamically organizes listings published on RSS enabled websites giving advertisers control over their content.

www.VideoHomes.com    is a media-rich GEO vertical search site that brings visitors to geographic specific real estate destinations.

www.CityCrib.com    is a marketplace for real estate that attracts people looking to buy, sell, and rent properties.

www.Loopnet.com    is a national listing site for commercial properties, businesses, and land.

www.CoStar.com    is a national commercial property listing service.

www.Vast.com    is a large multi-category site.

www.MHPlanet.com    is a website that lists mobile homes with land.

www.GenkiHomes.com    is a home listing site.

www.FreeHomeDirectory.com    is a listing site for homes.

www.Cowboy.com    is a website that specializes in listing ranches, homes, and mobile homes on acreage.

www.WorldProperties.com    lists all kinds of real estate from many countries.

   is a free property listing service and is committed to publishing complete content to generate better results.

serves as the online classified solution for several newspapers, radio stations and TV stations.

www.Lycos.com   is a search engine that encompasses all categories of sites.

www.HotPads.com  is a listing site for homes.

www.MyNextDeal.com   is a database of commercial listings gathered from hundreds of real estate websites.

www.CLRSearch.com    is a real estate search engine that provides listings, community demographics, and more.

www.HouseHunting.ca    serves buyers and sellers in Canada as part of the Canada.com network.  

http://ClickableCityDirectory.com    provides nationwide and local listings, information, and resources.

search over 100,000,000 property records.

http://www.WorldWide-RealEstate-ForSale.com     has properties listed from many countries. 

www.LandWatch.com   national listings of farms, homes with land, lots, and vacant land parcels.

http://ProgressiveFarmer.landwatch.com   mirror site for landwatch.com.

    real estate listings and information service powered by HGTV offering listings of homes, advice, videos, and guides.

your local real estate marketplace and information center that lists homes in many cities.

is a lifestyle oriented web site for people interested in second homes.

real estate search engine that gives comprehensive and resourcesful results.

    connects you with real estate and mortgage professionals in your area.

   is a virtual real estate company and search engine focused on military communities.

   is a search engine for worldwide properties in excess of $1 million U.S. dollars.

    syndicates listings to European real estate portals.

http://www.BuySellListings.com   comprehensive U.S. real estate listings with photos.

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