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          There are three (3) important items that determine your ability to qualify for a mortgage loan:  Your INCOME, Your CREDIT SCORE & HISTORY, and the amount of money you have for Your DOWN PAYMENT.
          If any one of these items is deficient you will either pay a higher
interest rate, get a smaller loan, have to pay higher fees, or be rejected.

          IMPORTANT WARNNING:  Lenders will check your Credit Score & History twice, first to qualify you for your loan and a second time just before your closing date.  So, DON'T buy or order anything on credit until after your closing takes place.  If your score is impacted by purchases before closing your loan could be rejected at the last minute. 

          The information, chart, calculator, and books shown on this page can help you understand your borrowing situation.

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Loan Calculator


Our Mortgage Loan Calculator will determine your monthly payment amount to help you pre-qualify for an affordable home loan.

Complete the following fields below: 

" Cost of Home", "Down Payment", and "Monthly Income". 

Then click "Calculate Now" tab. 

To View the different results of your calculation, Click on the various tabs.

To Email yourself a copy of your results, click the "Receive this Detailed Analysis" link.

Privacy Guarantee:  We will NOT give, rent, sell, trade, or share your email address, telephone number, or any other information you give us to ANY person, organization, or company without your express permission and WE MEAN IT!

Term In Years:     
Interest Rate:      %
Cost of Home:  $
Down Payment:  $  
Annual Insurance:  $  
0.43%of Cost
Annual Property Tax:  $  
1.2%of Cost
Monthly Income:  $
Monthly Debt:  $
Gross Debt Service Ratio (GDS):     
Total Debt Service Ratio (TDS):     
Condos Fees:  $

  Receive this Detailed Analysis

Your Monthly Payments
Loan Amount:    
Loan Insurance ( %):
Total Loan(Mortgage) Amount:
Principal & Interest:    
Homeowners Insurance:    
Property Taxes:    
Condo Fees:    
Monthly Loan Insurance (%):    
Total Monthly Payment:    
Income Needed to Qualify for the Mortgage
Total Monthly Loan Payment:  
Total Monthly Debt Payment:  
Monthly Loan Insurance (%):  
Qualifying Income of % GDS Ratio:  
Qualifying Income of % TDS Ratio:  
What You Can Afford
We are using the % ratio.
Cost of House:  
Down Payment:  
Loan Value:  
Monthly Principal & Interest:  
Monthly Insurance:  
Monthly Property Tax:  
Monthly Condo Fees:  
Note: Cost of House = [(Monthly income x Debt Ratio) – monthly tax – monthly insurance – condo fee] / (monthly interest rate/ function of interest rate)
Monthly Rent: $
  No. of Years you plan on keeping the home:
Annual Rental Increases:   %   Yearly Appreciation on the Home: %
Monthly Renter Insurance: $   Annual Home Maintenance: %
Savings or Investment Rate:   %  

Books About Loans, Mortgages, and Real Estate Financing

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LENDERS (Banks and Mortgage Companies)

The following lenders can give you detailed quotes for many types of loans.  (Disclaimer:  Eyemark Realty, Inc., Mark Cohen, Broker, and this website do NOT endorse or specifically recommend any of the lenders listed on this page or anywhere in this website.  The choice of lender for your loan is entirely your decision and should be done carefully after interviewing several lenders to see which one can serve you best.) 

www.americanfirstmtg.com      |   
www.bankofamerica.com      |    www.flcu.org    |       www.crownfinancialmortgage.com    |    www.ccbg.com    |     www.fboj.com      |    www.fcnf.com    |    www.floridacitizensbank.com    |    www.millenniumbank.net    |    www.primerica.com    |    www.ncmc.com    |    www.suntrustmortgage.com    |    www.wellsfargofinancial.com    |    www.wachovia.com    |    www.1stcu.com    |    www.campuscu.com    |    www.alarionbank.com    |    www.compassbank.com    |    www.countrywide.com      |    www.msbank.com    |    www.bankmercantile.com    |    www.citifinancial.com      |    www.alligatormortgage.com    |    www.efloridaloan.com    |    www.cmsbrokers.com    |    www.naca.com    |    www.theabbaempire.com    |    www.lendingtree.com    |    www.bankrate.com    |    www.sheycompanies.com    |    www.floridahouseholdmortgage.com    |    www.gulfareamortgage.com   |   www.vystarcu.org   |    www.peoplesfirst.com    |    www.bbt.com

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